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A developer agreement is an agreement between the land owner and the developer for the development of the land. It is a partnership with the land ownership remaining with the land owner.

Traditionally developers have received the majority of the uplift in land development by purchasing land, developing it, and seeing the benefits financially. Kaikura Land Sales can work with the land owner to ensure they receive the maximum they can for their land with minimal energy spent by the land owner.

Some key benefits are as follows:

  • The land owner achieves a better return for their land.
  • The developer does not have the initial capital outlay for the land.
  • Minimizes input and stress by the land owner.
  • Minimalize Tax outlays.
  • No further capital outlay by land owners.
  • Lowers risk to the land owner as developer carries the costs.

Kaikura has built many partnerships throughout their past projects in key areas:

Permit stage:
We can assist in the permit process by providing information needed to satisfy PSP conditions including advice on lot mix and yield.

Estate Preparation Stage:
From the inception of the estate, we can assist in the marketing, logo development, brand positioning and sales office setup.

Estate Launch:
Kaikura can orchestrate the display village, provide pricing recommendations and market intelligence. We also provide superior sales service and post sales service. By doing this we are able to ensure the most profitable outcome for our clients whilst ensuring purchasers are informed and satisfied with our service.

We endeavor to be innovative and exciting, reaching our target market through all forms of marketing while ensuring we achieve and exceed sales targets throughout the project

Key Partner Relationships:

  • Project Managers
  • Planners
  • Engineers
  • Marketing Company
  • Builders
  • Buyers
  • Land Owners

The Kaikura Sales team prides itself on building relationships with purchasers to find out what you are looking for in regards to your purchase. They aim to understand what is important to you and your family while providing great service and relevant information. With numerous estates now sold out, we believe we have a knowledgeable, professional and friendly sales team.

Purchase Procedure
Our staff can help guide you through the whole process to ensure you understand how finance, house and land, contracts come together to achieve your goal of a new home.

Post Sales Service
The Kaikura Sales Team will update you throughout the process of the project, giving you up to date information from the developer on each stage on a regular basis. We also set up and maintain a residents social media site to ensure all questions are answered and everyone within our communities are kept informed.

Kaikura works with a specialist range of builders to ensure a quality development is delivered for medium density and super lot sites within our estates. Coordinating with innovative builders who excel in this built form product gives Kaikura the opportunity to assist the land owner in providing the best possible outcomes on these sites that will meet the current market.

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